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Anonymous asked: Remember the calling which God has placed in your heart <3




i need a ride to jersey bad. i wanna cry ok. 

The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller (via yesdarlingido)

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But when the Bible speaks of love, it measures it primarily not by how much you want to receive but how much you are willing to give of yourself to someone.

Nara Dreamland, the infamous abandoned theme park in Japan.

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It’s easy to quit - it takes faith to go through.

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This is relevant again

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Now listen to me, as a man, I know. When boys want to date you, they are going to put their absolute best foot forward. They want you to like them. They will pretend to be someone they are not. So I want you to ask hard questions. Look for consistency. And most importantly you need Christ as your center, because if that isn’t there, you have nothing at all.
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